InstaDigital is a full service public relations and digital marketing firm providing the services mentioned above. We work closely with businesses to understand their commercial objectives and comprehensive goals.

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Your most important digital asset is your website, we help you get the maximum ROI for every rupee you spend.


User Behaviors Testing

We use different tracking tools at our disposal to track the behavior patterns of your visitors on your website, and implement strategies that make the most out of their time spent.


A/B Testing

We create two different landing pages and test for users conversion on both of them. The landing page that converts the most is chosen and optimized for maximum ROI.


User Mapping

We analyze various traffic sources to check where your visitors are coming from, who referred them and how much time on average they spend on your site. Using this data we can better focus on sources that are delivering good results.


Ad campaigns diversity

Conversions through ad campaigns are the best when it comes to targeting the perfect audience. We split test various ad campaigns with different banners, text and only pick the one which has highest CTR.

Market Research

let us conduct market research for you. Unsure who to target, what your audience behaviors is online, what they usually are attracted to, what they cannot resist? We can get you all the answers by conducting data driven research on your specific niche and provide you the right answers.

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